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Why are Terps Important?

Cannabidiol on it’s own has an excellent reputation as a pain reliever, anti inflammatory,  antipsychotic, anxiety reducer, nausea reliever, and even promotes cancer cell apoptosis.

When CBD is paired with terpenes its effectiveness is amplified providing even more pronounced effects. This result is often referred to as the ensemble effect because of the harmonious action of all the components working together. By utilizing the ensemble effect, a more potent and far more effective product can be created.

What terpenes are being used and what effects do they have?

Myrcene is a common terpene that is found in many cannabis strains and provides a myriad of effects on the brain and body, especially when paired with CBD. This terpene is effective in helping cannabinoids permeate cell walls which in turn helps it more effectively cross the blood brain barrier. In other words, myrcene is getting the CBD where it needs to be for optimal results.

In addition to its ability to increase the mobility of CBD, it has many of its own beneficial effects similar to cannabidiol such as reducing inflammation and pain as well as antimutagenic effects. Myrcene is also often attributed as a very relaxing terpene producing some light sedative effects.


Pinene is another very common terpene found in many plants, including cannabis, and compliments CBD and the other terpenes found in TerpHouse’s CBD Oil. Pinene has two different isomers: alpha-pinene and beta-pinene. TerpHouses’s CBD Oil utilizes beta-pinene.  Like myrcene, beta-pinene helps assist in the body’s uptake of CBD as well as providing analgesic and anti inflammatory effects.

In contrast to the sedative effect of myrcene, beta-pinene provides more of an alert feeling and also assists in memory retention. Pinene has also been used as an anti cancer treatment in Traditional Chinese Medicine for centuries with the use of pine needles.


Linalool is the last of the three terpenes used in TerpHouses’s CBD Oil and contributes to the ensemble effect in several distinct ways. Linalool provides relaxing effects and has a history of being used to help facilitate sleep. This terpene also supports the immune system and like CBD assists the body in defending against cancer. Like the rest of the compounds found in this CBD oil it also provides analgesic,  anti inflammatory, and antispasmodic effects. Linalool also provides antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal effects making it an excellent addition to this CBD oil.


All of these terpenes work well together and with CBD to create a product that can truly make a positive impact on the users health. Without the use of these terpenes a lot of the beneficial effects of CBD would be less pronounced and less effective. All of the components have overlapping and contrasting effects to reinforce each other, as well as balance each other.

It is crucial to see cannabis as a whole plant medicine and it is our goal to emulate that with the addition of these terpenes to TerpHouses’s CBD Oil. With the feedback of our customers and years of experience we have found this combination to be more effective than CBD alone could provide.