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MLB: Players still subject to penalty for using pot

For baseball players taking advantage of a new drug policy in which marijuana use is permissible, the commissioner has a warning: Just don’t show up to the ballpark high.

Even though Major League Baseball removed marijuana from its banned-substance list during the offseason, the league last week told teams that players remain subject to potential discipline for using or possessing the drug, according a memo .

In the memo, deputy commissioner Dan Halem wrote that the league maintains the right to punish players who break existing marijuana laws, such as possession and distribution, as well as for driving under the

Players and team personnel who “appear under the influence of marijuana or any other cannabinoid during any of the Club’s games, practices, workouts, meetings or otherwise during the course and within the scope of their employment” will undergo a “mandatory evaluation” for a potential treatment program, according to the memo.

While the penalty for a major league player testing positive for marijuana in the past was a fine, the biggest change addresses minor league players, for whom marijuana was a banned substance with a harsh suspension for testing positive. Minor league players rejoiced at the new drug agreement, in which MLB abandoned its marijuana policy for stricter testing on opioids.ADVERTISEMENT

Recreational marijuana is legal in cities inhabited by 12 major league teams: the A’s, Angels, Blue Jays, Cubs, Dodgers, Giants, Mariners, Padres, Red Sox, Rockies, Tigers and White Sox. Medicinal marijuana is legal in 26 of 30 major league locations, with Georgia, Texas and Wisconsin the exceptions.

The minor leagues are far more restrictive in terms of location. More than 60 minor league cities are in states where both recreational and medicinal marijuana are illegal.

Despite the relative open-mindedness of MLB — it has a particularly liberal policy, particularly when compared to the NFL, which only now is considering abolishing suspensions for players who test positive for marijuana — it’s still not exactly advocating marijuana use.

“Club medical personnel are prohibited from prescribing, dispensing or recommending the use of marijuana or any other cannabinoid” to players or officials, nor are they allowed to store it at the team facilities, the memo said.

The use of cannabidiol, or CBD, remains potentially risky for players because the products are not certified by the NSF and could be tainted with drugs that are on the banned list and subject to half-season-long suspensions.

MLB and the MLB Players Association “are working closely with NSF International to develop an independent testing and certification process for” hemp-based CBD products, according to the memo.

With the legal-marijuana business worth billions of dollars, players have considered entering the space as entrepreneurs, according to sources. The memo said MLB plans to address the rules regarding ownership in the industry in the future, though “until such guidance is issued, any such investments or commercial arrangements are still considered to be prohibited in accordance with current practices.”

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So What is CBD, Exactly?

cbd oil

cbd oilCBD, short for cannabidiol, is one of many medicinally valuable compounds found in cannabis plants. Unlike THC, delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, CBD is not psychoactive. This means it produces no “high” when taken. It does, however, have a variety of medicinally useful effects. CBD has been shown to have the following effects: pain relief, reduced inflammation, seizure preve ntion, cancer cell death, nausea relief, anxiety reduction and reduced incidences of diabetes. CBD has a wide array of applications and is non-habit forming.


It is an excellent alternative for those using conventional pain killers who want a clear head and consistent pain relief. In the instance of inflammation, CBD can be used as a preventative and can be taken before high stress situations, like an intense workout, to prevent a buildup of inflammatory proteins called cytokines. In terms of pain relief, some studies have shown that CBD can modulate the pain neural pathways without building a tolerance which is great for chronic pain sufferers.


Cannabidiol has also had a lot of promising work done in the field of epilepsy. Some studies have reported that CBD use can reduce seizure occurrences greatly if not prevent them all together. In some documented cases a seizure has been stopped midway by taking CBD. In addition to the reduction of seizure occurrences some users experience improved mood, sleep and overall alertness.


CBD also has a reputation as being a novel tool against cancer cells. Studies have shown cannabidiol to have the ability to not only inhibit the growth of cancerous tumors but also instigate apoptosis, cell death, of the tumor. It is able to do all this without negatively affecting any of the cells surrounding the tumor. CBD has been used to treat breast cancer, lung cancer, colon cancer and even leukimia. Most oncologists that recommend CBD are typically in tandem with normal chemotherapy regimens. Cannabidiol is also very adept at helping with some of the more harsh side effects of chemotherapy like nausea.


In addition to helping physical ailments it is also very helpful in handling nervous disorders related to anxiety. It has been shown to be effective with obsessive compulsive disorder, panic disorder, social anxiety disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder. Several studies in both animals and humans have shown a large degree of anxiety reduction in subjects that were administered CBD over a placebo.


Cannabidiol can also assist in preventing the onset of diabetes. In a 2006 study with mice it was shown that CBD can reduce the incidence of diabetes by approximately 65 percent. Similarly in a survey of adults, those who use cannabis, were shown to have 16 percent lower fasting insulin levels than non-cannabis using adults.


CBD has many helpful medicinal uses from mental to physical and can be taken in several ways. It can be ingested orally with products like our CBD Oil tincture. It can be taken transdermally through the skin, with the assistance of terpenes, in products like our CBD Lotion or our CBD Bath Bombs. It can also be taken in a traditional sense of the cannabis plant and be smoked or vaporized and inhaled. Try CBD for yourself and check out our many CBD infused products!

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It’s Time to Upgrade Your Bath with CBD and Terps

There is nothing better after a hard workout, a long day of work, or a serious spar session, than a relaxing soak in the bath. Hot water on its own has been shown to be an excellent tool to help soothe sore and tense muscles. In addition to hot water, certain salts and essential oil mixtures have been known to increase the soothing properties of a hot bath. The practice of soaking in sea water or mineral rich hot springs, for their healing effects, has been a staple practice in many cultures for centuries. In recent times, it has become common place to be able to purchase salts and oil mixtures as a bath additive. Bath bombs are the latest evolution in the bath salt product category and they add a fizzing action on contact with the hot bath to help distribute and mix the salts and essential oils.

Luckily, TerpHouse now offers CBD bath bombs, which are an excellent alternative to the average bath bomb. TerpHouse bath bombs provide deeply soothing effects by way of the CBD and terpene mixture, which helps to relieve muscle pain and relax the body. To gain further insight into the TerpHouse CBD bath bombs, we asked the founder of The TerpHouse a few questions:


Where did the idea for adding bath bombs to your product lineup come from?

“The Idea for TerpHouse Bath Bombs came from a few fighters asking about bath solutions for soaking. They were looking for help with aching muscles from training. So, to help our athletes, we formulated the 50mg CBD Bath Bomb.”  


Why Bath Bombs?

“CBD Bath Bombs give you the benefits of regular bath bombs (smoothing and exfoliating the skin), but with the added CBD, now you can target full body aches and problem areas of pain.  Soaking in the hot bath allows your body to open up the capillaries in your system to absorb the CBD more efficiently.”


What can customers expect from this product?

“Customers can expect a few different things from using TerpHouse CBD Bath Bombs. On top of smooth, silky skin and great aromatherapy, they will also get the relaxation from the CBD that works on tired muscles and allows for proper blood flow to avoid inflammation.”


What sets your Bath Bombs apart from others?

“What sets our Bath Bombs apart from others, just like our other products, are our terpenes.  We use natural terpenes to open up the CB1 and CB2 receptors to allow the absorption and effectiveness of the CBD to me maximized.”


In conclusion, TerpHouse bath bombs are made by athletes for athletes but can be used by everyone looking to enjoy the soothing and pain relieving benefits of CBD paired with the luxury of bath salts. TerpHouse Bath Bombs come in two different varieties: the energizing variety, which comes with an invigorating mint fragrance, and the relaxation variety, which comes with a spiced aroma. Both Bath Bomb varieties come packed with 50mg of CBD, 

paired with TerpHouse natural terpenes to help with aches and pains. Try some for yourself and experience the next level in ultimate bath relaxation!

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Resolve to Evolve with CBD Oil: Fitness Resolutions

Resolve to evolve with CBD. If your New Year’s resolution involves fitness goals, keep reading to learn how CBD can prevent you from abandoning your resolutions. According to U.S. News, 80% of people abandon their New Year’s resolutions by February. Don’t be a statistic. Try our CBD and watch as it improves your chances of sticking to your fitness resolutions. Whether you’re trying to lose weight, gain muscle, or improve your stamina, here are some ways CBD can help you along your 2018 journey:



1) Energy

Rolling out of bed and sluggishly going through your day is a surefire way to have a sluggish workout. While you might be proud that you made it to the gym despite being tired, as you continue piling up sluggish workouts, you will notice that you aren’t achieving your expected results.

Each day that you show up tired to your workout is a day that you aren’t achieving your full potential. With the help of CBD oil, you can resolve to be energetic during your workouts. CBD oil can ensure you actually get a full workout in every time you step in the gym. Have the energy to achieve your fitness resolutions.


2) State of Mind

Your energy levels aren’t purely physical, your state of mind during your workouts heavily influences how much energy you are willing to put into them. Even if you go into the gym with stores of energy, if you lack motivation and creativity during your workout, you won’t give your workout the energy it deserves.

In addition to boosting energy levels, CBD oil has the ability to increase creativity and mental energy, so your physical energy isn’t wasted on an undedicated mind. Arm up with CBD oil as you pursue your fitness resolutions.


3) Pain & Endurance Thresholds

Similar to energy levels, endurance and pain levels influence how much of your workout you can actually accomplish. Whether you need to quit early or just do exercises at half strength, muscle soreness and pain can limit the efficacy of your workouts. 

CBD oil is an analgesic, meaning it has the ability to decrease pain and soreness. Managing pain during and after a workout is key to ensuring you have the stamina and ability to workout to your full ability.


4) Recovery

Getting sleep and reducing inflammation are two of the most important aspects of post- workout recovery. In order to be back on your feet and in the gym the next day, your body needs to recover from the last workout. Achieving deep sleep and reducing inflammation in your muscles and joints will help renew your body for the next day.

CBD oil has the ability to help you achieve deep, genuinely restful sleep, so that you can wake up well rested and ready to take on the day. Similarly, CBD oil can reduce inflammation in your muscles and joints, and thus lessen the painful after effects of grueling workouts. With the help of CBD, your body can tackle each workout with renewed strength and energy.


5) General Maintenance

Arthritis, headaches, and general inflammation can all impact general energy levels and motivation. Many people have chronic health issues – big and small. Over time, chronic health issues can impact your drive and ability to execute during your workouts.

Stave off and reduce chronic inflammation and other health issues with the help of CBD oil. Including CBD oil in your daily routine can do wonders for your health, and set you up for success in your workouts.


As you resolve to evolve through a 2018 fitness regimen, keep CBD in your back pocket as a workout aid. The more tools you have helping you out, the more likely you are to actually see your New Year’s resolution through. Best of luck!

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The Cost of Living is High and Going Up: Comparing the Cost of Traditional Vitamins and CBD Oil

Let’s face it – we’re all on a budget. Some budgets are higher or lower than others, but at the end of the day we are all trying to save money and get the most utility out of the things that we do choose to spend our money on. When it comes to health, figuring out how to ‘get what you’re paying for’ is extremely difficult. Much of the healthcare industry is becoming increasingly driven by profit – leaving you hanging out to dry.

A modern base price for a multivitamin is about $10.00 per month. The cheapest you can get a ‘multivitamin’ is &10.00 per month, yet most of those cheap vitamins can hardly be called vitamins at all. Cheap supplements are often stuffed full of fillers that make the supplement seem heartier, but truly give you little to no nutritional value.

On the flip side, finding a multivitamin that you trust can put you at -$35.00 or more per month. And that’s only for a multivitamin. Adding in the cost of other supplements can easily put your monthly vitamin spending in the triple digits.

Poliquin’s Foundation Five: 

  1. Multivitamin
  2. Vitamin D
  3. Probiotic
  4. Fish Oil
  5. Magnesium

Using Poliquin’s Foundation Five as a start, the cheapest supplement from each category puts you at $137.00 before tax and shipping. These Foundation Five don’t even begin to cover the list of supplements that many professionals recommend for individuals dealing with autoimmune conditions or other forms of compromised health, with many of those lists recommending 10-20 different supplements.

The real kicker is many of these supplements aren’t even guaranteed to work. In fact there is a lot of emerging controversy over the usage of multivitamins – something many of us thought to be the most fundamental supplement out there. Money gets poured into supplements without any idea of whether they work or not.

TerpHouse CBD oil, at $79.99 , cuts the average person’s monthly spending by about $60.00, and even further cuts the spending of individuals desperately buying 10-20 supplements a month. And it will work. Our CBD oil boasts a host of beneficial properties without the effects of THC. TerpHouse’s founder uses the oil himself for migraines, and TerpHouse will soon be coming out with a series of case studies that show the real effects of TerpHouse’s CBD oil on real customers.

The health industry is selfish and corporate. Many supplements are designed to make producers wealthy at the expense of the buyers. Use a medicine you can trust has your best interests at heart. Our CBD oil might be what you’re missing on your road to optimum health, so give it a try! Feel free to message us on our Instagram or Facebook pages if you have any questions!