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Find The Perfect Gift That Won’t Break The Bank


With gift giving season coming up, we put together a list of our favorite stocking stuffers that won’t break the bank! These gifts are perfect for friends and family who love cannabis products, so if you’re still looking for that perfect gift…read on! 


1) Colorado Hemp Honey

Colorado Hemp Honey is a great way to get a healthy CBD, THC free fix over the holidays. Spread the honey on some dark chocolate, or add it to a piece of toast to satisfy your craving for sweets while still being healthy.


2) Love’s Oven

Speaking of tasty treats, Love’s Oven is committed to providing the best infused products on the market. The products include both CBD and THC infused treats, so there’s truly something for every cannabis lover.


3) Christmas Stocking

What’s better as a stocking stuffer than a new stocking to use next year. The Marijuana Leaf Christmas Stocking is a cheap, yet personality infused present for the more overt cannabis lover in your life. They’ll love displaying this gift on the mantle next year!


4) Joint Candles

While useless for typical holidays, these joint candles are a great stocking stuffer that can be pulled out of the drawer for any fun party during the year (New Year’s is coming up amiright). Get a good laugh when your BFF pulls this lit gag gift out first thing in the morning!


5) MunchPak

MunchPak isn’t necessarily geared towards the cannabis industry, but it does provide a host of delicious (sometimes healthy) snacks from around the world. Starting at $14.95, these packs are a great gift! Even if the snacks don’t make it to actual munch time, they’re sure to put a huge smile on someones face!


6) Ice Cube Tray

Though these ice cubes will have to be reserved for particular audiences, they’re sure to be a hit with fellow cannabis lovers! Perfectly malleable to any stocking size, this flexible marijuana leaf ice cube tray will keep people chill for years to come!


7) Bhang Chocolate

Though Bhang offers a wide variety of products, their chocolate is truly a stocking stuffer for the books. Their line of chocolate is the most awarded line of cannabis chocolate bars available. These chocolate bars boast World Cup Best Edible winner & six-time Cannabis Cup award-winners, and are available in several different flavors and potencies!


8) Huf Socks

Last but not least, sometimes the most successful stocking stuffer is a simple pair of stockings. Available in almost any color and design you could imagine, these socks are the perfect solution to cold Christmas morning feet. Slip them on to the recipient’s feet, and you’re sure to slip right into their heart 😉


Our simple list of stocking stuffers is meant to be fun and affordable! There are a host of great products out there, but these are just some of our favorites. If you have a favorite that isn’t listed or a product you think we should provide – let us know what it is!