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Difference between Marijuana and Hemp CBD

Difference between Marijuana and Hemp CBD

Cannabidiol or CBD for short, is a common compound found in the cannabis plant family. Amongst approximately 100 properties within the cannabis plant, CBD is one that is harvested for its undeniable health benefits from both marijuana and hemp plants. 

While marijuana and hemp plants are both part of the cannabis family; they are completely two different entities and should be treated as such.  Here are the basic differences between the two: 

Chemical MakeupTHC = .3% – 40%THC = < .3%
AppearanceBroader leaves, dense buds and shorter, bushier appearance.Tall, skinny leaves mostly concentrated toward top of plant.
CultivationCarefully grown in controlled environments.Adaptable in most climates and requires minimal attention.
Legal StatusSome states, not FederallySome states, not Federally
Primary UsesMedicinal, recreationalIndustrial, medicinal

Both of these plants are capable of producing CBD and both are on the market today. The power behind this natural cannabinoid is glorious. The introduction to the regality was born when the discovery of how it reduced seizure frequency in children and severe cased patients a few years back.

One of the major differences between CBD derived from marijuana and hemp plants are the levels of CBD and tetrahydrocannabinol or (THC). The levels of these two compounds vary between the two plants. 

THC which is a psychoactive property found in hemp is less than .3% whereas in the marijuana plant can be up to 40%; which is one reason marijuana is used additionally for recreational purposes due to its “stoned” effects. Marijuana is traditionally higher in THC and lower in CBD where vice versa is true for Hemp (higher in CBD and much lower in THC). 

While both of these plants are currently still not legal at the Federal level; there is talk that the hemp plant will pass legislation through the Farm Bill in the near future which would allow hemp to be legally grown in all 50 states. This would ultimately allow cultivation and extraction of CBD from the hemp plant nationally. Marijuana on the other hand may take some time and convincing at the Federal level due to the THC compounds and effects it offers.