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Coca Cola’ interest in the Cannabis Market

Coca Cola was founded in 1886 by Dr. John S. Pemberton, a pharmacist in Atlanta, GA. Today, this huge company globally clocks in an estimated $1.9 billion daily! Over the years, the brand has relished and become a fashionable household name. Their outstanding marketing campaigns and catchy slogans still suit them well. 

“Have a Coke and Smile”, “Catch the Wave”, “Can’t Beat the Feeling”, “Open Happiness” 

Experts believe in the connection between happiness and wellness. Coca Cola has brought over 125 years’ worth of happiness, so why not add the wellness part into the company. It’s about time, right?

Talks and speculation have recently been on the rise regarding Coca Cola adding a new drink line to their over 500 product catalog in the near future.

As soda consumption is on the decline, Coca Cola over the past decade or longer have been diversifying their portfolio and adding to their binder of products including (coffee, tea, mineral water and juice). The company saw a decrease in revenue by approximately 15% over the past year which has forced them to seek growth in other areas.

Coca Cola’s interest in entering the CBD infused drink market is evident, as meetings with the third largest pot company, Aurura Cannabis, a Canadian corporation are underway. 

The beverage would most likely be marketed as a recovery drink, aiding in the ease of inflammation, pain and cramping. All arrows point in targeting the product to athletes, and active adults centered around wellness and of course happiness. 

Could this be another innovative way Coca Cola shines, stays relevant and continues to be a beast in the beverage industry?

The growth of (CBD) the non-psychoactive cannabis market is only just beginning. From the medical field booming with studies and rolling out cannabis drugs to the legality of recreational use; Coca Cola, as one of the world’s largest companies, does NOT want to be left in the green dust. 

While marijuana is still illegal in many states as well as on the national level; there are hopes that the Farm Bill will pass which would remove hemp as a controlled substance (CBD can be derived from this plant) allowing this plant’s legality under federal law. This would ultimately give Coca Cola access to all 50 states for sale of their cannabis infused drink. 

Nothing has been set in stone or definitively confirmed regarding the joint venture between Coca Cola and Aurora as of yet. We are however, keeping a close eye on what Coca Cola’s next moves are. There are no guarantees of any signed deal between these two companies but ears are to the wall with this transaction as it would explode the global beverage market!

There are a few other major beverage brands that are beginning joint ventures into the cannabis market as the potential for this quickly evolving market is on the rise. It would be ghastly unfortunate for Coca Cola to pass this opportunity by; which is why we are certain to hear about the announced collaboration of this CBD infused drink in the near future.