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CBD’s Role in Pre and Post Workout Regimens


Pre and post workout routines are popular among fitness experts and average gym goers alike. Supplements. Foods. Stretches. You name it. Everyone has their prescription for the perfect pre and post workout combinations that will help you achieve your fitness goals. Well CBD is no different. With the bonus of lacking THC, CBD can be safely, and effectively, integrated into both pre and post workout routines.

CBD can be integrated into your workout regimen in numerous ways, and can be adjusted to match your personal goals, strengths, and weaknesses. Here we have outlined the benefits of adding CBD to pre and post workout regimens. This list can be used as a guide in tailoring your usage to your personal needs.


1) Increase Pain Threshold

Workouts tend to be cut short when pain and soreness get in the way. When pain and soreness are present, we get distracted from the task at hand, and often opt out of pushing our body to achieve its potential. Pain and soreness limit progress and endurance, so avoiding debilitating pain and soreness is one step in the direction of achieving a worthwhile, invigorating workout. Push away pain ad soreness as they appear, especially if pain and soreness appear consistently during your workouts.

2) Anti-Catabolic

Consistently working out and eating well is hard enough as is without having to worry about losing all your achieved muscle mass if you skip a few days. Using CBD as a pre-workout supplement produces anti-catabolic effects that slow down the body’s process of muscle breakdown. Though it doesn’t negate the necessity of working out, CBD slows down catabolic effects in the body, ensuring that your body will slow down its process of eating away at your newly achieved muscle tone.

3) Creativity & Energy

Use CBD to achieve the coveted THC induced creativity without experiencing the high. Most people want to go into a workout sober, so avoid the high associated with THC, but experience the creativity and energy. Entering a creative, energetic state of mind before working out helps you avoid workout boredom, and stagnation with just a few exercises. Get creative and build strength in many ways to avoid imbalances and boredom.


1) Muscle Soreness & Pain

Rather than turning to long term inflammatory solutions like NSAIDs (Aleve & Advil)  or alcohol, you can turn to naturally occurring CBD oil to help with post-workout muscle soreness and pain. Soreness is a given for any fitness geek, meaning it has a pretty consistent place in daily workouts. Ignoring the pain and soreness is not always an option, and relying on inflammatory, toxic substances to ease the pain only harms your body in the short and long terms. Turn to CBD as a healthy replacement and your soreness and longterm inflammation will face away.

2) Nausea

Nausea after a hard workout is not uncommon. Individuals who workout consistently are bound to experience nausea a few times after particularly intense and grueling sessions. As an anti-nausea medicine, CBD is a great, natural post-workout supplement for those days when nausea hits. Avoiding nausea allows you to focus on proper post-workout meals and allows your body to focus on proper recovery of the exercised body parts, rather than on an upset stomach.

3) Sleep & Relaxation

Rest is one of the key components of recovering from a workout and preparing for the next one. Without enough sleep, the body fails to heal quickly and properly, leaving you at a disadvantage. Taking even a small amount of CBD can help your body fall into a restful sleep, allowing your muscles to properly repair and grow.


While using CBD as a pre and post workout supplement might seem counter intuitive, it has many possible benefits for both professional athletes and average gym goers. Our list is designed to help you understand how CBD might help your fitness routine, so feel free to reach out with any questions or personal testimonials from our staff or sponsored athletes! Stay hungry & stay fit!