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CBD vs Cancer

As the second leading cause of death globally, cancer has taken the lives of over 9.6 million people in 2018 alone. It seems like, moment by moment and day by day there is someone else you know that has be diagnosed. As sickening and scary as this is, we’ve got to face it and FIGHT it!

Conventional treatments for cancer patients can be extremely taxing on the body. It can leave the patient weak, seemingly sicker, depleted and exhausted. 

Cannabis’ own one of a kind compound, cannabidiol (CBD) has profound medicinal benefits that have been proven effective in symptom treatments, ailment suppressants, preventative care, and even long-term medical relief associated with many diseases, and numerous health issues. Of all the health benefits CBD offers, one of the most impressive may be the ability for this drug to fight cancer!

There are many different ways CBD tackles cancer, be it symptoms from current chemotherapy and radiation side effects to the overall internal battle of killing toxic cells. Here are some ways CBD is kicking cancer where it counts!

Anti-emetic – CBD can be used as an anti-nausea medication while the patient receives chemotherapy. Acting as a belly soother, it helps suppress vomiting as well. 

Appetite Aid – Many patients enduring cancer treatments lose their appetite as eating makes them sick. Cannabis actually aids in stimulating the appetite. This helps patients speed up their recovery process because it allows the body to receive critical vitamins and nutrients from food in which otherwise they wouldn’t have been able to stomach. The patient has increased strength to keep fighting. 

Pain Management – Proven to be an effective pain management tool; opioid use is on the decline as cannabis aids in treatments of neuropathic, localized and internal pain.

Slow Cancer Growth – CBD alongside THC work together in interfering with the cell growth of cancer as well as any new blood vessel that feeds tumors.

Induces Apoptosis – Apoptosis is cell death. Targeting only the toxic cells and leaving healthy cells alone, CBD has shown to kill cancerous cells by switching off the expression of the ID-1 gene (a protein that plays a major role in cancer cell conducting).

How does CBD get into the body and work?

Every human has an endocannabinoid system (ESC) which is critical in order to reap any of the health benefits of the cannabis plant. The plant has what are called cannabinoids (CBD and THC are the two most popular) which are compounds found within the plant that are absorbed by the ECS.


AJ, a now 20-year-old was diagnosed with osteosarcoma cancer (bone cancer) at age 16. The cancer spread and after numerous bones removed and severe nerve damage was done they found over 20 more tumors in his chest. At this point AJ was enduring chemotherapy and on pain pills 24/7. Regardless, they began cannabis oil treatments alongside radiation and within one week, from 12 pain pills a day, he was down to a pain pill every now and then. Over 20 tumors were gone in only 3 months after cannabis usage. 

A cancer survivor from British Columbia, Mary, was told she had a maximum of 6 months to live. She was urged to begin radiation but was also warned about the side-effects. Instead of traditional treatment, Mary opted for exploring the use of cannabis oil. Through the use of tinctures and topical creams, she began to see notable differences in her skin within 48 hours. Within two weeks her pain had seemingly ceased. One year after her diagnosis, she returned to the doctor for a visit, he checked her not once but three times and couldn’t find any traces of cancer anywhere on her body! 

Cannabis vs. Cancer is and has been successfully showing leaps and bounds toward the cure, reduction and symptom suppressants regarding this dark disease that has stricken so many lives. There is absolutely no reason to not give cannabis a shot, there is nothing to lose and everything to gain.