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CBD Lifted from USADA’s List of Banned Substances & What This Means for Fighters

CBD has previously been on USADA’s list of banned substances, preventing fighters from taking advantage of the healing and anti-inflammatory properties of CBD. The removal of CBD from the list of banned substances opens the door for fighters – arguably some of the people who need CBD the most – to finally embrace the benefits of CBD.

Fighters are constantly beaten down in competition, resulting in aches, pains, and sometimes chronic inflammation as a result. Beyond simple bruises, as more research comes out about brain trauma, it is becoming increasingly apparent that individuals whose bodies and heads are continuously battered are in need of extra precautions to stave off long-lasting, debilitating health issues.

The removal of CBD from USADA’s list of banned substances means fighters don’t have to wait until retirement to take advantage of the major health benefits of CBD. Now they are not limited to trying to reclaim their quality of life down the road. They can maintain their quality of life in real time through CBD during their career.

Beyond just being ‘technically’ allowed, the lifting of CBD from the list of banned substances is a step in the direction of fighting stigma against CBD. Weed has a very controversial image in the public eye, and CBD gets caught up in controversy as a result. However, TerpHouse CBD oil is THC free so you can get the health benefits without the THC. Fighters looking to stay alert while maintaining health might be interested in trying our products.

Essentially, as a means of staving off pain and inflammation without the use of narcotics, CBD is killing two birds with one stone: pain and dangerous addictions.  Join fighters like Cain Velasquez and Bas Rutten in the adoption of CBD oil as part of a healthy, preventative fighting career.

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