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But First, Coffee.

By now it’s clear that CBD is super helpful in treating and preventing many conditions. However, despite the many ‘flavors’ it comes in, some of us just aren’t going to want to consume it solo. Here are some creative ways you can sneak CBD into your daily life:

1. CBD Gum
Though TerpHouse doesn’t currently carry CBD gum, this is a seamless way for you to get CBD out of an already daily habit. Packs of gum are staples in almost ever purse and jacket pocket, so having some CBD gum on hand is a quick, subtle way to get your daily CBD.

2. Topical CBD
Take a look in our store, and you will find CBD lotion. Applying CBD topically removes the necessity of actually ingesting CBD. Though topical CBD may or may not be enough for you depending on your condition, it truly is a simple, taste free way of getting some more CBD in your life. Plus it looks good on the bathroom counter.

3. Mixing with Food/Drinks
Have you ever hid your dogs medicine in a piece of cheese or a spoonful of peanut butter? Well this is pretty much the same idea. Buy a CBD flavor that pairs well with your favorite daily snack/drink, and mix it in what you’re eating/drinking that day. Many people love buying TerpHouse’s coffee flavor CBD, and mixing it in with their morning cup of joe. Make your daily foods and drinks healthier!

While these are just a few different ways you can add CBD to your life, they show that you can enjoy the benefits of CBD even if you don’t enjoy traditional methods of tasting and investing the product. For more information on how to creatively jncorporage CBD into your daily routine, send us a message and we’ll be happy to give you more tips!