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Why buy Organic CBD?

The organic craze is sweeping the globe. Stickers, signs, billboards and chatter are flooding large grocery stores, small markets and general social chat. Organic farmers’ markets and notations on food menus are surfacing. From makeup to food products, lotions, spices and clothing, it seems this label is becoming increasingly popular.

Whether it’s used as an upscale feeling to buy only organic, the root of it all is simple, clean, pure and well…natural! If it’s posh to be natural, that’s the only way we want to be.

First off, what is organic?

In the US, to be classified as organic, a seal certification such as “USDA Organic” or “Certified Organic” is necessary. A product must be 95% free of synthetic additives like pesticides, chemical fertilizers, irradiation or genetic engineering. The remaining 5% is allowed to be processed with additives from an approved list.

An inorganic product is chosen to be raised as such by a farmer. Cannabis can be either organic or not. The reason farmers would choose to not certify their farms or participate in an organic crop, would be because the growing, maturing and nurturing takes less time, can produce more of the plant and is much more inexpensive to not be organic. These are a few factors that catalyst the decision. The problem surfaces within the chemicals that are gracing this herb in which we ultimately ingest.

Here are some jarring facts about pesticides’ and fungicides’ impact on the human body:

  • Negative impact on nerve function
  • Cause symptoms such as asthma
  • Links between pesticides and certain types of cancer (childhood leukemia, lymphoma, breast, prostate, brain, pancreas, and liver cancers)
  • Hormone disruption which can impact fertility
  • Farmers exposed to certain pesticides have 70% higher risk of developing Parkinson’s disease.

The oxymoron lies within, ingesting inorganic cannabis for health benefits. CBD use is strictly for medicinal purposes of pain management, inflammation reduction, anxiety reprieve, etc. so why on Earth would one wish to ingest a product that is a bit counterproductive? Our hands are up in the air with question marks above our heads too. 

The only way a company can claim their organic card is by utilizing organic productions throughout the entire life of plant growth. This means, the soil should be free of chemicals, the water, growth aids, and the natural pesticides utilized.

Organic growth can cost a bit more money for the farmer which yes, can be a trickledown effect, meaning, the consumer is charged more for the end product. The price increase spawns from the carefully cultivated time and effort taken to make sure the herb has a holistic growth cycle. These plants are not mass produced with chemical plumping soils or pesticide and fungicidal sprays, so organic crops can take a bit longer to grow and sometimes farmers don’t produce as quickly as inorganic producers. These factors can increase the price consumers pay in the end.

When sourcing your organic CBD, ask your local budtender, dispensary or company purchasing from regarding their certification. Don’t just go halfway with your health regime, dive in and reap a completely wholesome product. Your body will thank you.


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CBD is Legal in Professional Sports

As of January 1, 2018, professional athletes around the globe are cleared to utilize CBD and CBD-infused products. It’s the first time in competitive sports history that this ban has been lifted. THC, however is still a banned substance.

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) lifted this ban in relation to hemp derived CBD rather than marijuana derived CBD. The hemp derived product contains little to no THC (<.3%), where marijuana derived CBD does have slightly higher percentages of THC which is why it is still restricted.

Professional sport leagues such as FIFA, NBA, NFL, MLB, etc. are all cleared to utilize CBD based products to aid in athletes’ recovery, pain management and inflammation containment.

Before this ban was lifted, players and athletes alike turned to prescription opioids for management. Many athletes are subjected to addiction and side effects due to the overuse in the sports industry. The pill pushers knowingly endangered players upon prescribing opioid medication to ease pain and inflammation as there was no other acceptable alternative for relief.

Marvin Washington, a Super Bowl champion is now an advocate for CBD usage for recovery and wellness. He states: “I played for the NFL for 11 years…The leagues are poisoning their players.” He went on to mention that all four major sports leagues in the US have an issue with opioid addiction among current and former players.

Washington also goes on to say, “The future of professional sports lies in non-toxic, non-addictive substances like CBD.” We couldn’t agree more. The industry needs to incorporate a safe alternative to prescription drugs and CBD is that answer.

Nutrition supplements, protein powders, recovery drinks, vitamins and more are part of nearly every professional athletes’ wellness regime. Numerous cannabis companies have already rolled out products infused with CBD tailored to athletes, professionals and work-out junkies. This adds an entirely new and elevated layer of health each product encompasses.

Investors and companies producing these golden green goddess products are really set to boom! Now that the “okay” has been given by WADA, these companies can and really will see an incredible revenue boost. Not only will they experience an increase in their products being purchased and sold; they are now able to sponsor athletes and incorporate household league names to market their products, ultimately elevating brand recognition and launch their stand in the nutrition market.

It is predicted that US cannabinoid products will hit over $50 billion USD by 2020. From edibles, to tinctures, salves and sports drinks, these are just a few items that will take flight.

Even though it’s taken time though proven studies and research to bring CBD’s benefits to the “lime green” light, we couldn’t be happier that 2018 hit quite the mile stone for the professional sport industry. As time progresses, we look forward to see where else this could be headed. Keep your eyes on the ball because more home-runs could be coming this way!



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But First, Coffee.

By now it’s clear that CBD is super helpful in treating and preventing many conditions. However, despite the many ‘flavors’ it comes in, some of us just aren’t going to want to consume it solo. Here are some creative ways you can sneak CBD into your daily life:

1. CBD Gum
Though TerpHouse doesn’t currently carry CBD gum, this is a seamless way for you to get CBD out of an already daily habit. Packs of gum are staples in almost ever purse and jacket pocket, so having some CBD gum on hand is a quick, subtle way to get your daily CBD.

2. Topical CBD
Take a look in our store, and you will find CBD lotion. Applying CBD topically removes the necessity of actually ingesting CBD. Though topical CBD may or may not be enough for you depending on your condition, it truly is a simple, taste free way of getting some more CBD in your life. Plus it looks good on the bathroom counter.

3. Mixing with Food/Drinks
Have you ever hid your dogs medicine in a piece of cheese or a spoonful of peanut butter? Well this is pretty much the same idea. Buy a CBD flavor that pairs well with your favorite daily snack/drink, and mix it in what you’re eating/drinking that day. Many people love buying TerpHouse’s coffee flavor CBD, and mixing it in with their morning cup of joe. Make your daily foods and drinks healthier!

While these are just a few different ways you can add CBD to your life, they show that you can enjoy the benefits of CBD even if you don’t enjoy traditional methods of tasting and investing the product. For more information on how to creatively jncorporage CBD into your daily routine, send us a message and we’ll be happy to give you more tips!

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Weighing Medical vs Recreational Marijuana

60% of Americans supported the legalization of marijuana in 2016. With more and more states legalizing recreational marijuana, many people are now faced with the dilemma of whether to pursue (or continue pursuing) a medical marijuana card or whether they should self medicate. Traditional recreational marijuana contains more THC and less CBD than medicinal marijuana. Now that both options are becoming viable, a conscious choice must be made. We break down the pros and cons of each:

Medical Marijuana:


  • Efficacy
    • Individuals with medical marijuana cards are approved to purchase twice the amount of marijuana as compared to recreational users. If you are trying to treat chronic health issues, standard doses may not be strong enough.
  • Money
    • In Colorado, medical marijuana faces a 2.9% sales tax, in addition to local sales tax. This number is much lower than the 15% excise tax and 10% sales tax facing recreational use.
  • Doctor
    • With medical marijuana, you have access to a doctor who can help you properly monitor your symptoms and how your body is reacting to cannabis use.
  • Age
    • You must be 21 to use marijuana recreationally, but only 18 to use it medically. While using marijuana too young is associated with health risks, 18 year olds with chronic health issues could benefit.


  • Doctor
    • While having a doctor may be a benefit for some, it may be a con for others. Some individuals do not feel comfortable speaking with a doctor about their health issues and desired cannabis use, making this requirement difficult to meet.
  • Cost of Card
    • Not only do you have to pay for your medical card the first time around, but you must renew it on a regular basis. While this fee has dropped in some states, you must still pay a yearly fee to maintain your card, which might make occasional use more expensive than necessary.
  • ‘Approved’ Ailment
    • Going through a doctor requires that you not only find a doctor willing to recommend medical cards in general, but that you also find a doctor who understands your condition and agrees that it meets ‘approved medical marijuana’ standards.

Recreational Marijuana:


  • Agency
    • Many who turn to self medication do so because they have sought help before, but have been let down by the medical system. Doctors cannot always figure out what is wrong, but you know you’re body. Self medication allows you to take care of yourself when others cannot.
  • Insurance
    • Seeing a doctor on a regular basis to discuss your medical use can quickly become expensive, especially without comprehensive medical insurance. Plus, the cost of doctor visits isn’t countered with marijuana prescriptions. You still have to purchase the medicine yourself – even if it’s at a lower tax rate. Monetary needs can truly determine a lot in this case.


  • Taxes
    • As mentioned above, recreational marijuana is subject to much heavier taxation than medical marijuana. These additional taxes can add up quickly, especially with consistent usage.
  • Symptoms
    • With self medicating, you run the risk of masking important symptoms. Without a doctor monitoring your health and your marijuana usage, you could be masking important clues to your health.
  • Stigma
    • Stigmas regarding marijuana still exist across age board; however, many are more open to medical marijuana than they are to recreational marijuana. Without a medical card, you will face the full brunt of stigmas about marijuana.

Some say intent alone can determine whether someone wants to attain a medical marijuana card or whether they want to continue ‘self-prescribing’. While this may be true for individuals who truly just want the high, there is more behind the decision than meets the eye. Only you can decide what is best for you individually, but TerpHouse is here to support you and answer any questions you may have in the process.

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Green on a Budget


Most things in life are an expense, CBD included. However, rather than being a frivolous expense that you throw away, CBD truly pays for itself in the long run. Though purchasing CBD on a consistent basis might terrify your wallet initially, the inclusion of CBD in your daily lifestyle can potentially save you big bucks in medical bills.

Discovering a high quality, fairly priced product is huge in making CBD an affordable habit. However, there are ways you can make CBD more affordable for yourself as well:

Wholesale Pricing

Many products have a wholesale option. If you are willing to buy in bulk, you can probably take advantage of wholesale pricing at your favorite store. Though buying in large quantities can be frustrating, it can truly save you big bucks in the long run. Make buying in bulk easier by splitting the purchase with a friend or family member.


With social media rising in importance every day, the importance and influence of sponsored individuals is rising as well. Many companies turn to athletes, stars, and social media influencers to promote their product online. Often, this promotion gets thanked via store credit, meaning you can gain access to cheaper, amazing products solely as a result of showing off your favorite product on Instagram.


Similar to purchasing products wholesale, keep an eye out for the occasional CBD sales, and purchase in bulk – Costco style – when your favorite product is on sale. Though this approach requires patience, the savings make it worth it.

Reach out to the company

When in doubt, it can be worthwhile to reach out to your preferred company and inquire about what you can do for the company in return for discounted products. This might include things such as sharing posts on social media, referring friends, filling out surveys, or testing new products.

Purchasing CBD on a consistent basis can definitely make a dent in your bank account. If budgeting is necessary or means a lot to you, keeping an eye out for the opportunities listed above can make CBD more affordable, thus allowing you to remain healthier on a budget.

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Stop the Stigma: Take Care of Yourself in Peace

Couch potato. Lazy. Uneducated. Addicted. These are all stereotypes that weed and CBD users face on a regular basis. From friends to family to coworkers to complete strangers. Those who choose to use weed recreationally, and even those who choose CBD for medicinal purposes, must face stigmas associated with smoking and/or supplementing with cannabis.



For these people, stigma is not just a theoretical words, it is something they encounter because of their cannabis use on a daily basis. Friends, family, and coworkers are all guilty of judging loved ones’ choices to use cannabis. With recreational usage, many associate cannabis with laziness, criminality, heavy drug use, unemployment, and much more. CBD encounters some of the same stigmas as recreational cannabis, especially when met with people who do not understand its role in health. Furthermore, many stigmatize CBD as ‘just a placebo’ or as an ‘illegal drug’, putting those trying to spread knowledge about CBD in a position of perceived falsehood and illegality. Stigmas regarding cannabis hurt those who truly benefit from having cannabis in their lives.

Though stigmas have noticed a shift with the millennial generation, many millennials still don’t feel comfortable posting pictures with cannabis on social media or talking about it with parents. While pictures with alcohol cover social media, cannabis is still viewed as something that should be left behind closed doors. Many fear taking a first or even second job at a dispensary or other cannabis affiliated company because of how it would look on a resume. Stigmas are changing, but it is a slow process that can’t come quick enough for many.


But here are some ways you can combat the stigma in your daily lives:

1. Attitude

When speaking about cannabis, medical or otherwise, the right attitude is necessary for you to not only be taken seriously, but for you to actually be able to have a conversation without devolving into a screaming match. Be open to conversation. Be ready to sell your point of view, but also don’t forget to listen to the person you’re talking to.

2. Education

Being approachable and open to conversation gives you the opportunity to educate people  about the legitimate benefits of using cannabis, the job opportunities provided in states where cannabis is legal, and even your personal experience with cannabis. Mainstream news and media often portray cannabis is a bad light, so informing individuals whose main consumption of cannabis ‘knowledge’ comes from tainted ‘news’ sources is a huge way to combat stigma.

3. Responsible Use

As mentioned above, traditionally cannabis users have been stereotyped as stoners, lazy, and unprofessional. Demonstrating that yourself and others successfully use cannabis in healthy ways on a daily basis can chip away at the stoner stigma. Let people know that CEOs, moms, lawyers, and even stud


ents are using cannabis to protect their health. Furthermore, turning towards non-smoking forms of cannabis use – especially in public – can fall into the responsible use category. Avoiding being perceived as a ‘toxic smoker’ or a nuisance on the streets by choosing edibles or oils when in public.

These are three simple ways that you can combat stigma in your daily life. Your platform doesn’t have to be huge, just start with friends and family, and see how that impacts you already. Stigma takes a long time to change on a grand scale, but you can start with your personal circle. Be an advocate for responsible cannabis use, recreational or medical, and show that cannabis does not always have to be associated with crime, addiction, and poor financial decisions. We will be providing more resources in our links and on our blog so keep an eye out!

If you are struggling with crime, addiction, or poor financial decisions please seek help.

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CBD’s Role in Pre and Post Workout Regimens


Pre and post workout routines are popular among fitness experts and average gym goers alike. Supplements. Foods. Stretches. You name it. Everyone has their prescription for the perfect pre and post workout combinations that will help you achieve your fitness goals. Well CBD is no different. With the bonus of lacking THC, CBD can be safely, and effectively, integrated into both pre and post workout routines.

CBD can be integrated into your workout regimen in numerous ways, and can be adjusted to match your personal goals, strengths, and weaknesses. Here we have outlined the benefits of adding CBD to pre and post workout regimens. This list can be used as a guide in tailoring your usage to your personal needs.


1) Increase Pain Threshold

Workouts tend to be cut short when pain and soreness get in the way. When pain and soreness are present, we get distracted from the task at hand, and often opt out of pushing our body to achieve its potential. Pain and soreness limit progress and endurance, so avoiding debilitating pain and soreness is one step in the direction of achieving a worthwhile, invigorating workout. Push away pain ad soreness as they appear, especially if pain and soreness appear consistently during your workouts.

2) Anti-Catabolic

Consistently working out and eating well is hard enough as is without having to worry about losing all your achieved muscle mass if you skip a few days. Using CBD as a pre-workout supplement produces anti-catabolic effects that slow down the body’s process of muscle breakdown. Though it doesn’t negate the necessity of working out, CBD slows down catabolic effects in the body, ensuring that your body will slow down its process of eating away at your newly achieved muscle tone.

3) Creativity & Energy

Use CBD to achieve the coveted THC induced creativity without experiencing the high. Most people want to go into a workout sober, so avoid the high associated with THC, but experience the creativity and energy. Entering a creative, energetic state of mind before working out helps you avoid workout boredom, and stagnation with just a few exercises. Get creative and build strength in many ways to avoid imbalances and boredom.


1) Muscle Soreness & Pain

Rather than turning to long term inflammatory solutions like NSAIDs (Aleve & Advil)  or alcohol, you can turn to naturally occurring CBD oil to help with post-workout muscle soreness and pain. Soreness is a given for any fitness geek, meaning it has a pretty consistent place in daily workouts. Ignoring the pain and soreness is not always an option, and relying on inflammatory, toxic substances to ease the pain only harms your body in the short and long terms. Turn to CBD as a healthy replacement and your soreness and longterm inflammation will face away.

2) Nausea

Nausea after a hard workout is not uncommon. Individuals who workout consistently are bound to experience nausea a few times after particularly intense and grueling sessions. As an anti-nausea medicine, CBD is a great, natural post-workout supplement for those days when nausea hits. Avoiding nausea allows you to focus on proper post-workout meals and allows your body to focus on proper recovery of the exercised body parts, rather than on an upset stomach.

3) Sleep & Relaxation

Rest is one of the key components of recovering from a workout and preparing for the next one. Without enough sleep, the body fails to heal quickly and properly, leaving you at a disadvantage. Taking even a small amount of CBD can help your body fall into a restful sleep, allowing your muscles to properly repair and grow.


While using CBD as a pre and post workout supplement might seem counter intuitive, it has many possible benefits for both professional athletes and average gym goers. Our list is designed to help you understand how CBD might help your fitness routine, so feel free to reach out with any questions or personal testimonials from our staff or sponsored athletes! Stay hungry & stay fit!

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CBD Lifted from USADA’s List of Banned Substances & What This Means for Fighters

CBD has previously been on USADA’s list of banned substances, preventing fighters from taking advantage of the healing and anti-inflammatory properties of CBD. The removal of CBD from the list of banned substances opens the door for fighters – arguably some of the people who need CBD the most – to finally embrace the benefits of CBD.

Fighters are constantly beaten down in competition, resulting in aches, pains, and sometimes chronic inflammation as a result. Beyond simple bruises, as more research comes out about brain trauma, it is becoming increasingly apparent that individuals whose bodies and heads are continuously battered are in need of extra precautions to stave off long-lasting, debilitating health issues.

The removal of CBD from USADA’s list of banned substances means fighters don’t have to wait until retirement to take advantage of the major health benefits of CBD. Now they are not limited to trying to reclaim their quality of life down the road. They can maintain their quality of life in real time through CBD during their career.

Beyond just being ‘technically’ allowed, the lifting of CBD from the list of banned substances is a step in the direction of fighting stigma against CBD. Weed has a very controversial image in the public eye, and CBD gets caught up in controversy as a result. However, TerpHouse CBD oil is THC free so you can get the health benefits without the THC. Fighters looking to stay alert while maintaining health might be interested in trying our products.

Essentially, as a means of staving off pain and inflammation without the use of narcotics, CBD is killing two birds with one stone: pain and dangerous addictions.  Join fighters like Cain Velasquez and Bas Rutten in the adoption of CBD oil as part of a healthy, preventative fighting career.

If you’re open to sponsorships feel free to reach out!

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The Cost of Living is High and Going Up: Comparing the Cost of Traditional Vitamins and CBD Oil

Let’s face it – we’re all on a budget. Some budgets are higher or lower than others, but at the end of the day we are all trying to save money and get the most utility out of the things that we do choose to spend our money on. When it comes to health, figuring out how to ‘get what you’re paying for’ is extremely difficult. Much of the healthcare industry is becoming increasingly driven by profit – leaving you hanging out to dry.

A modern base price for a multivitamin is about $10.00 per month. The cheapest you can get a ‘multivitamin’ is &10.00 per month, yet most of those cheap vitamins can hardly be called vitamins at all. Cheap supplements are often stuffed full of fillers that make the supplement seem heartier, but truly give you little to no nutritional value.

On the flip side, finding a multivitamin that you trust can put you at -$35.00 or more per month. And that’s only for a multivitamin. Adding in the cost of other supplements can easily put your monthly vitamin spending in the triple digits.

Poliquin’s Foundation Five: 

  1. Multivitamin
  2. Vitamin D
  3. Probiotic
  4. Fish Oil
  5. Magnesium

Using Poliquin’s Foundation Five as a start, the cheapest supplement from each category puts you at $137.00 before tax and shipping. These Foundation Five don’t even begin to cover the list of supplements that many professionals recommend for individuals dealing with autoimmune conditions or other forms of compromised health, with many of those lists recommending 10-20 different supplements.

The real kicker is many of these supplements aren’t even guaranteed to work. In fact there is a lot of emerging controversy over the usage of multivitamins – something many of us thought to be the most fundamental supplement out there. Money gets poured into supplements without any idea of whether they work or not.

TerpHouse CBD oil, at $79.99 , cuts the average person’s monthly spending by about $60.00, and even further cuts the spending of individuals desperately buying 10-20 supplements a month. And it will work. Our CBD oil boasts a host of beneficial properties without the effects of THC. TerpHouse’s founder uses the oil himself for migraines, and TerpHouse will soon be coming out with a series of case studies that show the real effects of TerpHouse’s CBD oil on real customers.

The health industry is selfish and corporate. Many supplements are designed to make producers wealthy at the expense of the buyers. Use a medicine you can trust has your best interests at heart. Our CBD oil might be what you’re missing on your road to optimum health, so give it a try! Feel free to message us on our Instagram or Facebook pages if you have any questions!